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    We turn it upside down

    Because we believe that big steps for mankind are accomplished by leaps, a change of perspective is indeed necessary. Therefore, we experiment our creations with passion. We imagine spaces with our soul: functional spaces, of course, but also ironic, surprising and contemporary. For these spaces, we think about objects and furniture that can be loved and also welcome us and astound us every day.


    We are inspired by art

    Giotto, Piero della Francesca, De Chirico, Schifano. The art gives us passion and is source of inspiration, solutions, processes, shapes, colors and ideas that open us to new experiences. From art, we pull our strings to create our own design, in our own way.

    Design to live

    Objects as part of our life

    Observation, sight and vision. When we project our desires, we create our future. This is our goal: create objects that we desire. Give a shape to something that will be part of our life as our own design: objects that can be touched, admired and thought provoking.

    A story

    Only proposals from soul

    Inside our creations, there is a story: a story of ideas, visions, dreams, but also a story of work, mind, heart and courage. In order to give life to dreams, you need passion and the courage to go forward.

    Irreverent Minds

    With style and decorum

    We believe in an essential and contemporary design. We aspire to minimalism with a significance. We search for craziness and irreverence, but with measure: we value rules, even if we love to rewrite them. This same principle applies for shapes.


    Nature and spirit

    As the chameleon adapts to its surroundings, we do believe in compatibility, flexibility, and versatility. Our creations are born from ideas bound with functionality in addition to a polyhedral core. They are like us: always ready for change.


    It helps us live better

    When the idea meets superficiality, design improves. Living in our spaces, every day, makes us ready to adapt to the things we cannot predict and to flip our perspective about who we are and who we want to be.